Talks That Don't Suck

From Classroom to Keynote: Public School Speaking

As a motivational speaker for schools, I use my experience to empower students to push beyond their limits, set achievable goals and aspirations, and build their confidence. With my engaging and interactive presentations, I inspire students to think big and become the best versions of themselves. My message of resilience and determination and perserverance encourages students to stay focused and overcome obstacles to achieve success both inside and outside of the classroom.

Organization and Corporate Speaking

I inspire and empower individuals and teams to push beyond their limits, set goals, and achieve their aspirations. With a captivating style that enthralls audiences, I show people how to harness the same mental and physical fortitude that helped you achieve your world record, and apply it to their everyday lives and professional pursuits. I also share insights on effective communication, resilience, persistence, and goal-setting, all with a relatable and practical approach. My presentations motivate and inspire business professionals and corporate teams to embrace their potential, build grit and perseverance, and achieve their loftiest ambitions.

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